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Community Involvement

We believe that law firms should play a vital role in the society.

Rachel Alkalay is creating and supporting various community projects all of them have the same goal: to connect people.

For example, one of our community projects was in the field of children's education to tolerance and team work by creating a connection between Israeli kids from ALL social background through music.

Music Without Borders: a project founded and managed by Rachel Alkalay with the assistance of dozens of musicians and volunteers. The project brought Israeli kids and teenagers ages 9-15 from different social and economic background to learn and play music together in a friendly atmosphere. Kids arrived from the city of Sderot which was under terror attack at that time, Bnei Barak Jewish religious boarding school, Jaffa Jewish-Moslem-Christian school Tira and Hod Hasharon.

B. Education/Cultural connections

Adv Rachel Alkalay who lived and worked in New York during the years 1998-2003 was disheartened by the wave of terrorism that struck her homeland those years.

Additionally, working in the World Trade Center on the 59th Floor of the law firm of Sidley & Austin on 9/11, she was very fortunate to survive the attack when on her way to work, she got a phone call from her mother in Israel telling her that the office building is under fire.

Rachel founded an American non-profit organization, ShevetVoice which launched a website that offered U.S. Israeli forums on the Internet and links with anti terror websites.

In addition she organized the Made in Israel film and art festival and brought over 100 Israeli films to NY educating about life in Israel. The organization also held business networking events and lectures in New York.

Link to the article in the Jewish Week

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