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Our Practice

In order to adhere to the highest standard of excellence, we focus on those practice areas in relation to which our team has gained specific expertise.

Intellectual Property
We specialize in protecting, registering or commercializing intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

The patent attorneys in our group specialize in all matters concerning protection and prosecution of patents in the fields of computer hardware and software, Communications, Internet Applications, Business Methods, Electronics, Optics, Electro-Optics, Physics, Medical devices and more.

We provide legal opinions on intellectual property issues for investors, venture capital firms   and entrepreneurs.

Internet and Computer Law
Computer Law: We specialize in drafting agreements that are necessary for the development  of software, hardware and Information technology companies. We specialize in software license agreements, end-user license agreements, distributorship agreements, free software license, shrink-wrap click-wrap license and all Internet related agreements.

We advise and represent in the area of computer & Internet law, data protection, open source, communication law and privacy law

Patents Trade
We help hi-tech companies and start-ups and private inventors  of technology related patents to monetize their intellectual property by locating suitable prospective buyers, negotiate and finalize the sale.

Licensing Agreements
We specialize in drafting software and IP license agreements:
Licenses have taken on special significance as the universal means to protect proprietary rights in software and other computer products.
A license allows the holder of intellectual property rights to make money from an invention or creative work by charging a few or royalty to use the licensed product.

Commercial and International Transactions
We advise our clients on all commercial law matters, negotiate and finalize local and international business transactions as well as employment law agreements, consulting agreements, distribution agreements etc.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
We are certified in ADR , facilitating the resolution process of business disputes.

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